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How Does Arrow Make a Latte?


 It all starts with espresso.

There is lots of training and trust that goes in to our baristas when they take on the espresso machine. The most important aspect of working it is dialing in, which your barista does everyday before you brush your teeth. Dialing in requires a fine hand and a trained eye, nose, and mouth. The end result of a "Dialed" espresso grinder and machine yields a tasty espresso shot. We rely heavily on our state of the art equipment for most of the heavy lifting, but that equipment needs a barista to tell it to make good coffee.


Then the Milk.


The defining character in most espresso based drink is the ratio and texture of the milk in the beverage. For a latte we steam the milk to incorporate micro-foam which yields a creamy texture that is complimented by the espresso. All of our sizes contain the same amount of espresso, but vary in milk content. This allows you to choose how prominent you want the espresso in the drink.

Baristas at Arrow are trained to finish every drink with latte art. Though this may seem like an artsy-fartsy and possibly flirtatious obstacle between you and your coffee. The real purpose is to prove to you that your milk was prepared correctly. The micro-foam in the milk should be able to be defined and float on the top with barely any visible bubbles.

The end result is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world often accented with vanilla and/or made with milk alternatives. Check out our signature drink menu to see how we like to accent this specialty coffee favorite.

-Blake Correll, Head Marketing Coordinator

Pictured: Basil Mocha (Signature Latte)

Pictured: Basil Mocha (Signature Latte)