We never miss an opportunity to make people happy.



To build healthy, self sustaining businesses that serve their communities well.



Taking Care of People - To truly take care of someone, we have to meet their needs. Not just the simple, basic need they came to us to fulfill (a cup of coffee) but to go beyond the obvious and care for our customers, employees, and community in a deeper, holistic way.


Quality - We believe that quality is a choice. We believe that in seeking quality in small things, like making a sandwich or a cup of coffee, we can develop the habit of choosing quality and watch it bleed into big things, like the way we treat people, business practices and our very lives. We want to be obsessed with quality!

Keepin’ it Fresh - We believe in doing things our own way. A unique approach to products and service is what keeps this fun for us and our customers, and it encourages us to keep learning and exploring what is possible within the world of coffee.

Human Connection - Coffee is, by nature, a people centered product. It brings people together, into a shared space. We believe preserving the human side of the cafe experience is THE key to taking care of our customers. Human connection is also vital in maintaining ethical business practices, being socially aware and engaged in our community and creating and sustaining meaningful relationships.

Transparency - We value transparency in every step of what we do, from the sourcing of our coffee to the way we brew it, serve it and price it.

Thoughtfulness - The way we maintain a healthy, responsible and people centered business is through being thoughtful. It is just as vital in running a kitchen or and espresso machine efficiently as it is in serving our guests well. We believe that taking the extra time to put thought into what we do will ultimately be the thing that sets us apart as a business and allows us to continue doing what we love.