Arrow Coffee Company Guest Roaster Program

We proudly use Messenger Coffee Co out of Kansas City, Missouri as our primary coffee supplier.

At Arrow Coffee Co, our core value is community. What does that mean? To us we define it with relationships, with actions. We value the work that Messenger Coffee puts in to build Farm Direct relationships. By making deals at the farm level we avoid some big margin or middleman that could prevent us from helping the farmers. We like to live local but think global.

We are committed to offering the best quality coffee possible to our community. To us that means coffee that has been ethically and carefully crafted and curated.

If you think that aligns with your values, we would love to get in touch about featuring your company on our slow bar.

Please use the form below to contact Eric our cafe manager and we will be in touch soon.

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Or feel free to send samples to

Arrow Coffee Co
1800 Claflin Rd Ste 170
Manhattan, KS 66502