Wesley Andrews Coffee

Introducing Yunnan, China Mountain Man Project No. 1

The Arrow Coffee team is excited to introduce our new guest roaster, Wesley Andrews Coffee, in Minneapolis, Minnesota! From Wesley Andrews, we have received an amazing coffee from the Yunnan province of China. In recent years, Chinese coffee production has shifted significantly from mass production for major chains (think Nestle) to small lot farming for specialty coffee. We believe that this coffee perfectly highlights the growth that the Chinese coffee market has made. 

Wesley Andrews sourced this coffee from Torch Coffee, an importer in Yunnan. An interesting note about Torch is that one of our former baristas, Kristian, is currently doing an internship there. We feel extremely lucky to be able to offer this coffee to showcase some of the awesome work that Kristian will be doing in China. More specifically, this coffee was sourced from the Mountain Man Project. This project is an internship program for professionals to learn how to farm and process coffee. 

We will have this coffee for a limited time so please come in and have a cup while it lasts!

Coffee Facts:

Process: Honey, 5 Day Yeast Carbonic-Anaerobic 

Variety: Catimor

Tasting Notes: Heavy-Juicy body, red wine, and plum acidity.