Temple Coffee Roasters: March 2017

Spring is in the air, or rather it has been, but then winter's cold grasp has reminded us with random snowing that we shouldn't celebrate yet. But we decided to anyways, and bring back one of our favorite guest roasters: Temple Coffee & Tea

"Temple started with a vision. After returning home from a lengthy stay in Indonesia, Temple founder and barista Sean Kohmescher opened the first Temple Coffee house in 2005 with a dream of creating a community gathering place much like the temples he visited during his travels. His vision was simple: good vibes, great service, and exceptionally well-prepared coffee. Ten years, five coffee houses, and a roasterie later, it is still this vision that Temple perpetually strives to fulfill."

So why Temple? To us, listing great service is paramount to Arrow Coffee Co. You can get coffee anywhere, seriously, you can go to the gas station next door and grab coffee. However, it is so much more than that. It's the service, and it's the people. Hospitality and Service is the #1 priority for us. We want you to feel welcome, and we want you to feel like a friend. We talk about community, but we must act it out too. This is one of the many things that attracted us to Temple Coffee.

A coffee’s story always begins at origin. So that’s where we start.

"The environment in which a coffee grows and the care taken to harvest, process, and ship a coffee cannot be separated from the quality that ultimately ends up in your cup. That’s why at the heart of Temple is our “Farm to Cup” sustainable coffee sourcing program. Our green coffee buyer and Director of Coffee Eton Tsuno travels to origin six to eight months a year to meet coffee producers and build sustainable, direct relationships with farms, oversee farming practices and growing conditions, and to give feedback on how a coffee might be improved. All payment is set transparently, and always exceeds Fair Trade prices."

A coffee’s journey — from sourcing, travel, and roasting — ultimately ends when it’s served to our guests, either through whole bean sales or beverage preparation by our baristas. To us, representing coffee’s complex story is a job that’s both humbling and honorable

Currently, we have their Ethiopia Djimma Gera Estate on barbased in the highlands of Western Ethiopia, Gera Estate has created a wonderfully sustainable farm to produce amazing Ethiopian Heirloom coffees. Gera Estate does not use any chemical fertilizers or insecticides on the farm and they teach the farmers to value sustainability on the farm which in turn improves the living conditions and the quality of life of all of those involved with Gera Estate. The employees of the estate are given housing, child care and education, clean drinking water, electricity, and health care all free of charge. Because of this and their outstanding coffee we are proud to share this coffee with you. Enjoy!


  • Top 1 of 17 Coffee Roaster in the U.S. by CNN and Fortune Magazine
  • “Top 30 Coffees of 2013” – Temple Coffee 1st place, 96pt Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX
  • Voted Best Coffee House and Best Customer Service since 2005 by SN&R
  • Featured articles in Sunset Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Sacramento News and Review