You Asked, We Listened

Early in February, we sent out an email to you all, asking for help. We linked out to a survey about Arrow and what you all thought and would like to see. 



First, let us just say thank you to anyone who took the time to fill out the survey. It helps us sooooooo much to have feedback from our community, and we greatly appreciate it.  


Second, we have carefully examined your comments and we have some announcements to make. It should be noted that the vast majority of you said things like ”I’m pretty happy with everything” or “its actually kind of nice to not have too many options”. We hear that, and we have no intention of changing our approach to coffee or inundating you all with more and more options, we just want to serve you ALL better, and it seems a few simple changes could help!

We will be debuting our "New & Improved Menu" this Saturday, the 31st! to celebrate, come by the main cafe that day or Monday, April 2nd and receive a FREE LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT!!!!!! (While supplies last, of course)



Here are a few of the changes we've made:


1. Prices.

Many of you indicated that, while you enjoy our coffee, it can be a little pricey, and we get that. We are mostly just college kids who took a job at a coffee shop to subsidize our addictions. We know it is hard to justify dropping $5 or more on a coffee, but we also know that good things are worth more. Lots of you asked about the possibility of a cup of coffee for around $2, and we are working towards that.  

We took a long look at some spreadsheets and we have good news - We are going to make some changes! Below are areas that will be reduced:

Flavored Lattes, Drip Coffee & Chai Lattes

We will also be offering a refill option for drip coffee and iced teas.  

If you would like specific info on the changes, come by the shop or send us an email ( 



2. Dairy Alternatives

LOTS of you asked about this. First, to clarify a couple things:

we do currently offer soy milk and house made almond milk. The soy is a $.50 upcharge and the Almond is $1. (Note: house almond milk not available at Trotter hall, sorry😔)

Many of you asked about Coconut milk. We have begun experimenting with that at the main Arrow and are offering it seasonally for now, also for a .$50 upcharge. 

Again, If you have some specific feedback or questions /concerns, send us an email! (



3. Sweeter drinks/ more flavor options

another super common theme. Lots of you indicated a desire to see more energy devoted to our flavored latte offerings. Again, to clarify a few things: 

we currently offer a few house made flavors (Dark Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Butter Hazelnut, Sweet Basil, Lavendar) as well as Brown Sugar, Honey and Sweetened Condensed Milk. We prefer house made flavors, so we know exactly what goes into them and we control how sugary sweet they are. 

caramel macchiato_.jpg

Another fun Arrow fact, our lattes work a little different than others. Industry standard (Starbucks) is to start with 1 “shot” of espresso in a small latte, and then add more as the drinks get bigger, 2 “shots in a medium, 3 in large, you get it. At Arrow, we have kind of a “less is more” approach to coffee additives. We think the latte should be primarily built around the espresso rather than the milk and sweeteners. That’s why we offer a full double shot of espresso, no matter what size. This means that if you’ve been ordering a bigger latte in the hopes of getting more caffeine, it hasn’t been working. And if you’ve been ordering smaller lattes in the hopes of getting less, same thing. It also means that each size will taste different, as they are all just different ratios of coffee to milk, and all would have different amounts of sweeteners added. 

SOOO, if you like sweeter drinks, go big. If you like stronger coffee flavor, go small. Make sense? We hope so, but again send us an email with questions!


ok, so changes. Here’s what we are doing: 

Sweeter drinks.

We are pretty happy with the amount of sugar in our lattes (if you were curious, there is about 22g of sugar in a flavored 12oz latte, 15g in a plain 12oz latte). But if you have a sweet tooth, you can always request extra syrup at no additional charge. It’s always easier to add sweetener than take it out, so our approach is to start light and add, But we did want to accommodate you all by adding some flavor combos to our menu. Drinks with the flavor combos will be a bit sweeter than normal flavored lattes, so if that’s not your thing, you are warned. Here’s a few of them:

Basil Mocha, An Arrow classic. If you haven't tried it, You've been missing out! 

100 Acre Latte (sweetened with Honey and Brown Sugar), If you don't get the reference, ask your parents! 

White Vans Mocha (Our take on white chocolate),

Sugar Baby Latte (sweetened with dark caramel & brown sugar) After the candy, which if you never tried, ask your parents about it! 

Run DMC (Again, ask your parents) this one is another Arrow classic. DMC stands for Dirty Maple Chai, or our house Maple Chai with a shot of espresso. Spicy, rich, creamy and extra caffeinated

The Jasmine Fog, back by popular demand (Where my tea people at?) this Jasmine green tea latte is sweetened with a Rosemary Juniper syrup that pairs perfectly with the floral aspects of the tea. Not quite as sweet as some other options, but oh so good. 


More Flavors

We are also working on creating some new flavor options. Many of them will likely be seasonal (at least at first) and if they are good enough/ popular enough, they will become permanent, so let us know what you like! Follow us on whatever social media you prefer to stay up to date!


4. Beer/ Wine on Tap!


many of you indicated that you enjoy beers on tap more, so we have begun offering a couple of beers in our main cafe (Also available in the Lounge). Our current favorite is the new Lager from Founders Brewing Co, the Solid Gold Lager. Come try one for $5 a pint!

We have also reached out to some wine producers and distributors and have some great things in the works. Stay tuned for updates on some super cool wines we may start serving on tap! 

also, if you have suggestions or requests, you already know what to do! (email) 

5. More Manual Brew Methods!

We are currently doing some research and development on what manual brew option we will add to our coffee menu. We aren't ready to announce that part yet, but stay tuned! and holler at us if you've got some ideas!



As you can tell if you’ve made it this far, the first round of changes we are making is very coffee centric. Those of you who suggested changes to our baked goods, breakfast, brunch, lunch or cocktail game, we hear ya! We are constantly trying to improve things and thought it best to take it one step at a time. If you feel an issue deserved more pressing attention, please feel free to reach out (again