Kansas Tiki Week

February 19-24th is the first official Kansas Tiki Week, Sponsored by Standard Beverage Co. for the entire week, across the entire state, bars will be participating by featuring Tiki style drinks, creating special menus and hosting educational events. The idea behind KTW is to connect people across the state, have tons of fun and show everyone how great Tiki cocktails can be!


The main portion of the event is a competition among Kansas bartenders. Each participating bartender will submit 1 recipe, and anonymous judges will travel the state and select the top three original cocktail recipes, all of whom win prizes! All the Arrow bartenders are super excited to introduce their ideas to you, as well as talk rum and our favorite classic island drinks! 

Many people have reached out and asked what exactly constitutes a "Tiki Drink", for this there is no actual answer. To get a good feel for what Tiki means, we need to go back to its origins in America. 


The first Tiki bar in America, Don the Beachcomber, opened in 1934 in Los Angeles and is still operating today. It was opened by 2 guys from New Orleans who had traveled the world, their menu was inspired by the tropical flavors they encountered during their travels. 

The trend didn't fully take off until after WWII, when young men returned from deployment in places like Hawaii, Fiji and Tonga where they developed a taste for the tropical. Tiki Bars and restaurants began popping up all over the country, with an american take on the tropical dishes and drinks. While Tiki cocktails often feature exotic flavors such as pineapple and passion-fruit, they are a distinctly american invention. The idea is to recreate the vacation like atmosphere that people experience in the tropics in a setting that feels like home. Its about creating an ethos of escapism, a place to get away that is a step out of our daily stress and into something else. 

At Arrow, we strive to do create a similar atmosphere that makes people feel at ease in the midst of their daily chaos. That is why the idea of Tiki is so appealing to us. Any product we can provide that makes you feel disconnected from your job/ obligations/ cell phone or any other common stress is exciting for us. We would love to share our passions with you. Come by the Cocktail Lounge anytime from February 19-24th (Or really any other time) and take a little vacation with us!