Rothrock Coffee

Rothrock Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster located in State College, Pennsylvania. Started by two avid bicyclists, Rothrock got its name after countless coffee-fueled mountain bike rides through the Rothrock State Forest right down the road from the shop’s location. 

Rothrock Coffee has only been open for two years but it has already made an impact on the local State College community and is surely making a name for itself in the specialty coffee world. Owners Jamie Bestwick and Ronnie Napolitan take the time to source their beans ethically and roast them to perfection. Countless cupping sessions are held before Jamie and Ronnie even consider buying the beans to make sure it will be up to the standards they have set for their shop and wholesale accounts. 


Bikes continue to play an important role in the business with coffee blends being named after types of bikes or places known for great trail riding in Central Pennsylvania. Jamie and Ronnie’s brother, Anthony Napolitan, also show off Rothrock Coffee while they compete in the X Games and other BMX competitions. This coffee will surely keep you going throughout your day, whether you’re at the office or biking through the Flint Hills!