Temple Coffee Roasters

This month we've brought back Sacramento, CA based Temple Coffee Roasters as our guest roaster. We love their coffee on our bar, but that is only half the story of why we love Temple. Read on friends

We’ve chosen to bring back Temple Coffee Roasters time and time again because of the incredible hospitality they continue to show us. As a highly influential, award-winning coffee roaster, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a high quality of customer service, while simultaneously  taking great care of your clients.  Although we might be one of Temple’s smallest accounts, they take care of us as if we are one of their biggest. Their continued hospitality will keep us coming back for more over the years!

Temple continues to impress with the coffees they put out throughout the year. They’re constantly winning awards for their coffees, (Their story) and they tend to bring in some of the most unique coffees you can find. Temple is currently offering coffees from Zambia and India, which are two extremely unique countries for specialty coffee to come from. (Coffee Offerings).

“Specialty Coffee”, “Third-Wave Coffee”, or “Hipster Coffee”. Whatever you prefer to call it, our brand of coffee is a lot more than just creating new and weird brewing devices that resemble Breaking Bad. What we do is meant to honor the farmers who planted, raised, cultivated, and processed these coffees, it is not all about creating the most complex cup of coffee. Without the farmers we wouldn’t have what we have today. Temple goes above and beyond when it comes to informing their accounts and customers about the farmers they are working with. Each farmer has their own story and Temple wants to be able to share that with others. (Learn about sourcing and Farmers here)