Brandywine Coffee Roasters: July 2017

We are excited to bring back for the third time; Brandywine Coffee Roasters

Based out of Wilmington, Delaware in the Brandywine Valley (see what they did there) you probably have recognized their amazing screen printed bags, and custom wax seals on all of their packaging. 

One thing that has always intrigued us with our relationship with Brandywine, is the sheer volume of coffee that these folks sample. 

"Starting with small sample roasts and cuppings, we’re introduced to each roast and begin to fine tune the best way to highlight and celebrate what makes them uniquely delicious.  We believe that through dedication to carefully sourcing the world’s best coffee and hand roasting each batch we elevate the process to an art form."

Their focus on transparency in sourcing their coffee lines up with our core values at Arrow Coffee. From seed to cup, the country it’s from, the farm, and the goal of the farmer.  They pay the premium to ensure that farmers are adequately compensated for their efforts, and take care to source green coffee that is processed according to responsible social, economic, and environmental standards. 

We are excited to have this crew back on bar, and hope you grab a bag of beans to brighten your home, and drink some of their tasty coffee to brighten your life