Anodyne Coffee January 2017

Anodyne Coffee Roasting: Guest Roaster January 2017

As we get into the new year of 2017, we decided to start it off on the correct foot by bringing back one of our favorite guest roasters we have had: Anodyne Coffee out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

More importantly, we decided that we should do a blog post about our guest roasters, and honestly is something we have not done in the past, and probably should. The roasters that we are working with are doing great things in the industry, and we want you to know what they are up to, and why we at Arrow decided to work with them. Other than that they are ridiculously good looking, have great coffee, and are generally terrific people.

"Born in 1999, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company is a locally owned, small batch roaster proudly working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We aim to provide an exceptional cup of coffee using just enough technology coupled with the experience of our crew to ensure exact repeatable results and assured satisfaction with every roast, every time. Coffee is what we do. It is what we know and are dedicated to perfecting. So, treat this coffee well. Transport and store in a cool, dry and dark spot. When you run out, stop by, call or order online. We'd love to hear from you and provide the coffee that cures what ails you most. "

Well, so what? I think that's the answer that we like to ask ourselves most whenever we introduce anything new at Arrow. To us, the quality and care that Anodyne puts into their coffee is self evident. Remember last year and that Ethiopia Guji that we swore was just Fruit Loops? Yes, us too, and we are still dreaming of it.

But see, it goes deeper than that. We cannot forget that coffee is continually one of the most abused commodities in the world. To us, the dollars we spend should support what we believe in. You see, many countries depend on coffee for their livelihood. In Ethiopia alone, 15 million smallholders, nearly a fifth of the population, depend on coffee for their livelihood.

Anodyne Coffee has ethical practices of sourcing their coffee. I think that this comes back to the thought that even though we are landlocked in the middle of the USA in a flyover state, we can still live local and think global.

Anodyne Coffee looks for 3 things when sourcing their coffee:

  1. Seasonality: is the crop fresh and in season?
  2. Quality of Cup: does it taste good (I know, seems obvious)
  3. Traceability: being able to trace it back to the farm

Building trust is a key ingredient to producing high quality coffee. Farmer-company relationships can evolve into partnerships that last for years or even decades.

This value of Community is a core value of Arrow Coffee Co, and we believe that Anodyne's commitment to this aligns perfectly with our goal of living local and thinking global.