Cocktail Bar Latest!

We are super pleased to announce the opening of our new cocktail bar! 


Those of you who made it to our soft open event and had the patience to wait long enough to get a drink have already experienced some of our unique new cocktails (Listed Below). 

We hope to see the rest of you soon. Stop by Thursday-Saturday from 8pm-Midnight and stay tuned to social media for updates and specials!




We are Hosting a Valentine's Day Date night event, so if you are looking to treat someone special (and yourself by extension), more information can be found here

Signature Cocktails


Peach Sazerac                         7

    Rittenhouse Rye, Peychauds, Fee Brothers Peach

    Absinthe and Dekuyper Peach rinse


Garden Party                        6

    St. Germaine, Prosecco, Basil and Lemon


Bloody Daiquiri                        7

    Metusalam Platino Rum, Fresh Lime juice,

    Tomato Juice, Fresh Cilantro, and Simple Syrup


Strawberry-Basil Julep                    6`5

    Muddled Strawberries and Basil, Knob Creek,

    and Basil Simple Syrup


Konza Sunrise Sour*                    8`5

    Gozio Amaretto, Cask Strength Bourbon, Lemon,

Simple Syrup, Egg White, and a Red Wine float


Power Drill                            6`5

    Russian Standard Vodka, Fresh Orange Juice,

    Ginger Syrup, and Cappelletti Aperitif


Good Ol’ Fashioned Manhattan                6`5

    The perfect mix of two classics

    Weller’s, Noilly Pratt Rouge, Solerno Liqueur


Pink Cadillac                         7

    New Amsterdam Gin, Grapefruit, Ginger syrup

    St Germain


Pineapple Arugula Smash                    6`5

    Exotico Tequila, Fresh Pineapple, Arugula,

    Lime Juice


Pamagroni                             7

    New Amsterdam Gin, Pama, Brovo Jammy Vermouth


Caribbean Smoke Old Fashioned             8

    Aged Rum, Demerara Syrup, House Orange Bitters

    Lime peel, with Mezcal Rinse