Coming Soon!

Many of you have asked what is happening in the space formerly known as Arrow. To relieve your curiosities, we thought we would share with you a little of what's been going on behind the scenes at Arrow for the last couple months. 


For those that aren't familiar with the situation here, We recently moved into a larger adjoining space within the same building. The space we are in now was formerly occupied by a sub shop that moved out in August. On November 2nd, we opened the doors to the new and improved Arrow Coffee. Since then, the space we used to occupy has been mostly a construction site, which many of you have observed. 


With the new year approaching, we are working hard to complete renovations of the old space. Starting in January, the space will become an extension of our operation focusing on craft cocktails and wine. Our plan is to use it 3-4 nights a week as our new cocktail lounge, and as a private, reservable area as well as overflow seating for the coffee shop the rest of the time. 


We are excited to share our progress with you, so stay tuned for updates  regarding our cocktail bar, and remember us when planning any get togethers, lunch meetings, or parties for up to 30 people! 


Cheers and Happy New Year!


The Arrow Coffee Team