Arrow Coffee Co

Manhattan, Kansas Specialty Coffee

Arrow Coffee is a Specialty Third Wave Coffee shop in Manhattan, Kansas and Cocktail Lounge available for catering, event space, and more near the Kansas State University campus

One Line Coffee: June 2017

One Line Coffee has been one of our absolute favorite roasters to work with in the time of our guest roaster program at Arrow Coffee. We are excited to welcome One Line Coffee back onto our bar for the 3rd time!

Dream. Plant. Cultivate. Harvest. Roast. Share.

One of the main pillars of our guest roaster program is to offer our customers incredible coffee, that they might not be able to regularly try. Based out of Ohio, One Line started with a question: "How Can We Get Better Coffee?"

To us, and them, this obviously means the taste, but it means so much more than that. If all parts of a supply chain aren’t beneficial to all the people and land involved, then the end product is not sustainable. that’s it. simple as that.

When OLC began sourcing and roasting, they were looking for coffees that could be traced back to a single mill, or farm or cooperative. They believed that if they could trace this coffee back, they knew that the farmer was being treated ethically, and being paid fairly for their labor. It sounds simple enough, but its not always that simple unfortunately. What this means to OLC is that they travel direct to origin as often as possible. They try to verify that the farmer was paid for their labor, that the mill workers were paid for their labor, and that the pickers were compensated for their labor as well. This is why traveling to origin is so important. Secondly, if they are unable to visit the origin, they rely on the relationships that they have built with importers to insure that these practices are in place.

Yes. At the end of the day it is just coffee. Its some beans from a fruit that we grind and pour water over, but its also more than that. Its other humans livelihoods, and if we are going to consume, and grow as consumers we want to make sure that we are thinking about our consumption habits.

At the end of the day, we want to make you feel good about the coffee you drink. we want you to know that everyone involved, from worker to farmer to miller to roaster, produced your coffee in a sustainable way, and will continue to do so for years to come.

We want you to know that the money you spent on your coffee made everyone’s lives a little bit better.

Remember, by purchasing this coffee, you are just as much a part of this chain as we are.

Methodical Coffee: May 2017

We see a beautiful paradox in the simplicity of brewing coffee and the complexity of its mastery.

When we first received a sample of Methodical Coffee a few months ago right out of the box we were blown away by the beauty of the packaging. A beautiful bag of watercolor flowers for a beautiful coffee. Seriously. One of our employees cut the bag down and framed it it's so beautiful. To us, this attention to detail sets the precedent for the care that goes into each coffee.

"Methodical Coffee opened on February 11, 2015 with pennies in the bank. We opened with a line out the door that stayed out the door until we closed. We believe that any successful business is built upon three pillars: exceptional product, customer service, and experience."

Arrow Coffee Co operates on very similar experiences, especially customer service and experience. You can get coffee anywhere, seriously just within 50 feet of our shop there are two other options for coffee. But what brings us back to any business? The experience. Obviously, the product matters, but that alone won't keep you going. We are in the service industry, which gets a negative connotation, but we are also in the hospitality industry. This means that all of our customers should be treated the same way that we treat guests in our own homes.

In a conversation with Methodical, the biggest take away for us was when they said "We try not to take ourselves too seriously." This statement echoed with us, because we also try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we take our craft seriously. To us, this means that we can talk nerdy with the extreme coffee enthusiasts, but we also want the first time coffee drinker to feel just as welcome. What you enjoy isn't wrong, you enjoy it, it's subjective.

We are proud to offer Methodical Coffee on bar for this month and hopefully again in the future as they continue to grow, and we know that they will!